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Product Pickup Services


A PRICELESS service these days! CHP is quick to route a pickup once the vendor tells you that your long awaited order is ready! Our clients get so happy to know they won't have to wait 6 weeks for delivery from a carrier and they can get it that week - it's a game changer for designers in regards to service to your clients!

The supply chain is backed up 6-8 weeks for some carriers and both you and your clients are ready to complete the install! If your product is ready for pickup, we can pick it up and save you the lead time for the carriers!



We pick up the most often from High Point, Lenoir, Hickory, Charleston and VA areas. We can pick up from just one vendor, or we make multiple stops within those cities.


Once picked up, we can store them in our safe and secure warehouse or we can deliver directly to the site. It's up to you!

Contact us for pricing and routing information!

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